Preaching with Variety: Narrative

2 Jun 2015 | Peter Mead

This talk looks at biblical narrative, the most common type of biblical literature. Narratives are not just for children. Lives are changed by engaging the stories of others, especially when those stories have been inspired by God. If we can harness the power of preaching narrative well, we can see lives transformed!

How have the new freedoms of post-Communist Europe created new challenges for pro-life work?

26 May 2014 | Roxana Stanciu

Answers to key questions from well-known and respected authors and speakers.

What trends should change the way we think about fundraising?

3 Jun 2015 | Jerry Twombly

Jerry Twombly, Founder and Executive Director, BGW Development, answers the question "What trends should change the way we think about fundraising?" related to his talk "Strategies to Engage a New Generation in Philanthropy" given at the 2015 European Leadership Forum.

Interpreting the Parable of the Prodigal Son

27 May 2015 | Vesa Ollilainen

The Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15,11-32) tells the story of a father, who shows surprising compassion to his two sons. The well-known and beloved parable has encouraged people to believe in a merciful God, yet also called the self-righteous to repentance. In this talk, we will focus on three areas: (1) the parable's context in the Gospel of Luke, (2) the parable's details, which bear a particular impact on its interpretation, and (3) the parable's contribution to Jesus' proclamation of the kingdom of God.

Why does God not make Himself more obvious?

30 May 2015 | Stefan Gustavsson

Stefan Gustavsson answers the question “Why does God not make Himself more obvious?“ related to his talk "The Hiddenness of God: Why Isn't God More Obvious?" given at the 2015 European Leadership Forum. 

Registration open for 2016 European Leadership Forum

1 Sep 2015 | Kevin Saylor

Registration is now open for the 2016 European Leadership Forum, which will take place from 21-26 May.


Keep Up With The Forum On Social Media

3 Jun 2015 | Kevin Saylor

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