Registration open for 2016 European Leadership Forum

1 Sep 2015 | Kevin Saylor

Registration is now open for the 2016 European Leadership Forum, which will take place from 21-26 May. We are currently offering a 100-euro discount on registration for those who apply by Tuesday, 22 September.


What is scientism?

26 May 2014 | Peter S. Williams

Answers to key questions from well-known and respected authors and speakers.

2015 Leadership Development Initiative accepting applications

14 Apr 2015 | Kevin Saylor

There are a few spots left for the upcoming Leadership Development Initiative. The LDI is designed for Christian leaders who want to develop and deepen biblical convictions about leadership as it relates to disciple-making. For more information about the LDI, click here.

2015 Persuasive Evangelism Initiative accepting applications

14 Apr 2015 | Kevin Saylor

There are a few spots left for the upcoming Persuasive Evangelism (Apologetics) Initiative. The PEI is designed for apologists and evangelists who want to develop their ability to persuasively communicate the gospel in today's culture.  For more information about the PEI, click here.

How to Lead an Old Organisation with a Fresh Vision

27 May 2014 | John Stevens

Whilst every generation will be tempted to create new gospel movements, because they believe that established organisations and institutions have become entrenched, irrelevant or moribund, there is also a good case for renewing  and refreshing existing movements. The FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches) is a family of over 520 gospel churches in the UK. It was founded over 90 years ago but was becoming culturally conservative, entrenched and ineffective. A younger generation of gospel leaders were beginning to look to join or establish new movements.

Handling the Text: Pastoral Exegesis

27 May 2013 | Jamie Rasmussen

Since the Bible is God’s instrument of change, transformation and grace, what does it mean to faithfully handle God’s Word? How should a preacher study and interpret a passage in order to arrive at a faithful understanding of it? What are the basic steps involved in studying the Bible that will set up the preacher to be ready to prepare a message that will bring transformation to the lives of those who will hear and respond to it? The ultimate goal is not to merely educate, but to see lives changed. This session looks at Bible study with the goal of genuine life change.

Keep Up With The Forum On Social Media

3 Jun 2015 | Kevin Saylor

See photos from this year's Forum on Facebook and Twitter.